Woo (grandwoobah) wrote in partners_of_ftm,

New Here

Hey Peeps,

My name is Woo... I just joined this group. I'm a 39 y/o African American who resides in the South Jersey 'burbs of Philadelphia. I am a former lesbian/turned "straight girl" who's partnered with an FTM, and I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you all.

About me: I have an adult son and vascillate between wanting more kids and being content to wait for grandchildren. I'm a full-time seminary student at LTSP in Philly. Don't let the winking Jesus icon scare you away!  My faith is central to who I am, but I will not shove it down anyone's thoat. Your relationship to the Divine - or lack thereof - is just that... your relationship. No one has the right to dictate what that looks like or how it operates.  That being said, a lot of my personal journal posts have to do with church (I'm also an associate pastor at a church in North Philly), seminary, and the like... friend me if you dare!  :)

Thanks for the welcome,
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