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filmmaker seeks character insight

hi guys,

i'm a filmmaker in the nyu graduate school of film looking for insight for a short film i'm writing:

when a young man searches for his childhood girlfriend after many years & learns "she" is a transgender man, their concept of friends, family, & love are challenged as they never thought possible.

Simply put, there is great potential here to tell a remarkably moving short story about breaking through the cultural limitations & expectations we impose on love.

As you can imagine, I am interested to speak with transmen -pre, post, or non op- who have cismale partners. I'd like to speak with both people in the couple to understand the truth of their emotions & relationship in order to get closer to the voices of the characters.
While the ideal couple is transmale with a cismale partner that was "previously" straight , I am especially interested in speaking with transmen in general about anything you want me to know in order to create characters that will ring true & emotionally moving for an audience.

Should you or anyone you know like to speak with me, I'd be delighted to do so via telephone or Skype. You can write me here at Lj.

i assure you this won't be a cheese ball after school special.

Thank you for reading.


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