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Hi folks! I'm Ian, I'm Canadian, I'm joining because I'm dating an FTM man and trans issues are important to me, I love extra-dark chocolate with coffee, and I'm wearing... *checks* never mind, I can't tell you what colour underwear I'm wearing.

To elaborate (point by point):

My last name is Night. I'm in western Canada.

Years ago I was married (to another man, yes we can do that here!) and we were polyamorous. We dated a fascinating (and handsome) ftm man, but unfortunately things didn't work out. We sort of fell out of touch for a long time.

Fast forward, and things have changed quite a bit. I'm divorced, and that transman is now married. We reconnected recently and rediscovered how much we have in common... I am now dating him and his husband.

To complicate matters, I discovered in the meantime that I am multiple. I was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (nowadays rebranded as "Dissociative Identity Disorder"), but as I've gotten to know my headmates and learn more about it, I've sort of rejected the label because our group is highly co-operative and healthy overall. I'm one of the four main people in our group who runs our life on a day-to-day basis, and currently the only one dating this crazy handsome polyamorous couple.

I've joined this group to raise my own awareness about trans relationships, and maybe share some of my experiences.

I'm especially interested in trans and gender issues because there's a wide variety of people in my group, from a variety of gender identifications and sexual orientations.

Extra-dark chocolate is best dissolved on the tongue with a mouthful of coffee.

And I'm not actually wearing underwear.

So, that's my life right right now. Now that I write it down it seems pretty crazy, like I've thrown every show on Showtime into a blender. But I guess everything seems normal once you get used to it.
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