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So, does anyone else have a partner like this?

My "wife" technically husband, refuses to come out to her/his family. (Not really sticking to specific pronouns, I may refer to him as her more often, because I am/have been a lesbian for quite some time.)

She says why bother ruining a relationship with them now, because, when she starts chaning they'll likely disown her anyways. So, I have come to terms with that. What I'm not understanding, is she wants to keep her breasts. She wants to take T though. And she wants to keep her breasts. She wants to be a "boy" but only in facial hair and body hair. She apparently read somewhere that taking T has some of the similar effects as taking steroids and so it's like a two for one in her mind. She can get the facial hair she wants, AND, have steroids so she'll get in shape? I dont understand her methods. I dont get her thoughts at all.

It's confusing and strange and I'm not sure how to take everything...

Please, any insight? Thanks in advance!

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